Effective listening techniques 👂💖

Since I decided to learn English, I’ve been listening to audio files in English a lot (Really a lot). Because I believe that listening as an major input method helps you to acquire lots of vocabulary and phrases consciously and subconsciously.

But I asked myself a question when I decided to learn English which was “What to listen to?” And I wrote down these points.

1. It should be authentic:

I don’t like to listen to scripted materials. They’re boring and simply “unauthentic” so you won’t enjoy it. You have to find something that is natural and spontaneous to enjoy it. (Acast is a great platform to find materials like that.)

2. It should be suitable to my level:

You don’t want to feel bad about yourself when you listen, so try to find something that you understand say at least to 80%. (Click here there is a great website for graded materials.)

3. It should be REALLY interesting for me:

Really I know a lot of English learners who bore themselves with things they don’t like. And what they gain is nothing because they don’t enjoy it. You have to write down your interests and google about them. For example I love true crime stories and dramatised crimes a lot and so I found this amazing podcast that I always listen to here.

So now whenever I look for something to listen to I just apply those three things and I truly benefit from listening to each thing I listen to. Try them they’re effective. 😉