Four tips you should follow to fully benefit from ABA English β­οΈπŸ‘πŸ»

ABA English (American and British Academy English) is a website that provides great video lessons with lots of activities related to each video including speaking, writing, explaining grammar rules, vocabulary sessions, and quizzes.

The lessons are paid, but you could try one of their lessons for free before subscribing. ABA English works on both PCs and mobile devices and both are great. I mostly use the APP.

Tips to get the most out of it: ✍️

1. Make sure to take it step by step: πŸ™‹πŸ»β€β™€οΈ

Don’t rush it .. you’ll learn. Take every lesson and do every step and wait. Don’t go to a higher level or a higher lesson in the same level. Enjoy every step and try to give each lesson enough time. Remember it’s not a race but a great journey to learn. And learning takes time.

2. Use a note book: πŸ““

My grandfather speaks 12 languages fluently (including Spanish my favourite language 🀩) πŸ‘΄πŸ» he’s my role model when it comes to language learning. And he learned languages when it was really difficult to find materials to study.

Nowadays we have so many materials but it’s difficult to benefit from them simply because “most of them are digital materials.” People rely on apps to review and study. Yes there are great Apps to review and study πŸ“– but this advice from my grandpa “Write down and use your hands.” Is just golden. You could be wise enough to know what to write. For me I write Phrasal verbs, new vocabulary, idioms, some difficult grammar rules. I don’t write anything that I’m familiar with.

3. Review what you write: πŸ€“

Don’t forget to review what you’ve written. It’s really an effective way to master them. You know yourself it depends on your way to review. For me I focus on one page for about 3 days I review them in the morning for only 10 minutes. (3*10=30 minutes isn’t it awesome?!)

4. Use it or lose it: πŸ—£

It’s up to you now after studying, writing down and reviewing. You can keep what you’ve learnt or you can lose it. To use it you have many options like using it when you talk to someone (or even yourself :P) or when you write something or you could write sentences related to your own life MAKE IT PERSONAL TO YOU!

Finally ABA English is an amazing website. It’s full of videos and lessons. There are a lot to learn and the videos there are engaging and interesting. Also there are so many different topics. So take your time. Watch the videos more than once with subtitles and without them regardless of your level because you don’t know what you might miss. Wishing you all the best in discovering the wonderful world of ABAEnglish. πŸ˜€

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