How to learn vocabulary faster? ✅

Knowing more vocabulary is essential to understand more English. At a certain level you think that you know a lot until you read a book that has so many vocabulary that you are not familiar with. Or listen to something and you don’t get it fully.

Here are tips to help you learn more vocabulary in a shorter time.

1. Learn only one word per day:

Don’t study more than one per day. Because you want to master the word, so it is better to just focus on one word for the whole day. And it’s better to write it down somewhere or use it as your wallpaper for the day just to remember it.

Also you may use it in sentences of your own.

(⚠️ It’s a bad habit to study a lot of words in one day!)

2. Take your vocabulary from what you enjoy to listen to/read:

It’s important to take your words from something that you’re reading, watching or listening to. Like that you have contexts to rely on. You don’t benefit from learning an isolated word.

(Try to redo the activity again after studying all the words you’ll get it fully 👍)

3. Use them:

Find anyway to practice and use the words. I found a great way to use what I study. Which is making a private twitter account just for my silly tweets. But it’s a great way to practice.

Do you have any other tips? Share below. 👇

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