How to stay motivated? And REAL success stories 💖✌🏻

“Do not wait; the time will never be ‘just right.’ Start where you stand, and work with whatever tools you may have at your command, and better tools will be found as you go along.” —George Herbert

Motivation for learners is like petrol for cars. Yeah that’s funny to think of but it’s really true. When you’re motivated to learn you can achieve miracles. But the question is:

How to stay motivated all the time

Follow one or two or all of them depends on your level of motivation 💙😃

1. Test yourself every month

Don’t do it excessively but just try to take an online quiz to test your level every month and write down your scores to compare them.

When you make mistakes don’t feel bad just write the question down and try to improve this mistake by googling it and writing down many examples of your own.

2. Make a routine

You have to make English part of your life by making a daily routine for yourself. By saying that I mean even five minutes work. Listen to something in the morning, or read an article, or record your voice, or just relax and watch a video in English.

The best recommended thing here is to find a daily updated program or magazine.

3. Make it easy for yourself

Don’t force yourself to stay hours and hours doing boring activities.


  • Fun YouTube channels.
  • Fun online courses.
  • Portable and downloadable audio materials.
  • Fun stories to read.
  • Materials that suit your level.

4. Read success stories or watch videos of them

When you feel you’re stuck and not improving try to read on how people mastered English or watch videos of people telling you how they learned English. This will always help you to know that everyone can learn.

And here are some YouTube videos for that purpose.

And here are some amazing stories:

Any language, no matter where it is originated – have to be learned in a natural way to get best results.

Remember, when we were kids, just born, we don’t know a thing. How do you think we learned and aced our mother tongue?

Yeah. The natural way to learn a language is to get surrounded by people who speak just that particular language (That’s why convent schools insist students to speak only in English in school premises). The child listens to his environment.

So First, You Listen – Catch the words, catch the accent, catch everything you can. And situations can play a major role. You already have one language at hand, It shouldn’t be hard to guess some distinguished words based on the situation you are in. Since, You want to learn by being at home. I would recommend you to watch Movies and TV Seasons (Again American English or Britain English, your choice) with different genres. ‘By the way, that’s the way I learnt Hindi. Watching a Famous comedian (Kapil Sharma) TV Shows, Day in and Day out’

Thing is, Languages are so volatile. I mean, whatever you have learnt you have to put into practice soon enough. Else, Like I said, It’s so volatile. So, maybe prepare a monologue, act it and film it. Who knows it can be the next viral video on Youtube. If you’re a some kind of a traveler, you can just initiate a conversation with somebody and good thing is, a stranger never cares of how good english you speak.

Exam Based Approach

If you’re exam conscious person like me, I’d recommend you to do the following.

“Exam Conscious person is someone who becomes extremely active during the preparation period of Exam”.

The sense of being tested and the feel for zeal of victory can supplement as an extra nitro boost to accomplish things faster.

Learning a language can be divided as

1 Learning Words (Popular Words) and Phrases

2 Learning Grammar (Forming Sentences) and framing for situations

3 Speaking – Articulation and Accent

You can ace all three sub-categories by preparing for the following three exams respectively.




At the end of the day it’s the personality that matters, not the language. A language is just a medium to express your personality. Just go easy with it.

Happy Learning! (Source)

There is only one thing you can do to master it, and because I started like this you probably know what’s about to come, you have to listen.

First of all it might be quite hard to really master it, because there are many dialects, of which some even appear to not be English.

What I would generally suggest to really boost your ability to understand spoken English and get a solid listening comprehension, is to do all the stuff you do on the internet in english. In this topic stuff like watching Youtube videos or so is obviously meant. You definitely should’t watch just one or two people, but rather get a wide variety of people you listen to and also don’t just pick the ones easiest to understand, but also watch some people speaking dialect, not very clear or some kind of slang.

When I started watching Hodgetwins I kind of struggled to understand everything they said, but it didn’t take to long for me to be able to fully understand what they say. (Source)

All the best my amigos 💙

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