(5) Wintery idioms ❄️ + Flashcards

So how is December going? I hope it is not that cold where you at right now. After a long pause finally I came up with a scheduled posts idea, so there will be more lessons to be published very soon.

But in this post you will find five easy wintery idioms and you can use them right away. All the sentences are quoted from (here)

1. Cold snap

A short period of intense cold weather.

Despite the cold snap, a white Christmas was an unlikely prospect for most people.

2. Dead of winter

The middle of winter when it is the coldest.

My house feels solid and safe and orderly; hyacinths and narcissus bloom indoors here even in the dead of winter.

3. On thin ice

To do something risky that has unpleasant consequences.

His firm is just on thin ice of bankruptcy.

4. When hell freezes over


Olivia is very arrogant and stubborn she will apologize when hell freezes over.

(Source: theidioms.com)

5. Bundle up

to put warm clothes on yourself.

In this cold wind you’d be wise to bundle up well.

Here is a link of the Flashcards. (Here)

Good luck!

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