Why I stopped caring about others? 😬

Sometimes you wonder is group work always helpful. I’d say yes of course. But of course at other times. We need to have our solid solitude plan.

I know a lot of people cannot be productive at all if they are not constantly motivated by others. And those kind of people are not rare but at the same time they are not the majority. However, from my experience with The Spanish Circle in Barcelona. I have come to a conclusion that with a group you can share what you have learnt, but you can rarely learn. In other words it is great to work with a group to practice and test yourself. But the learning process is all on you.

I have been with the group for a while and we meet five days per week. And I discovered that yes we can practice and enjoy and be motivated. But we don’t learn much.

I used to be the “caring” one and I always wanted everyone to be motivated. But after awhile I had a thought that I should not have been their guide at all. I’m a learner like them all. I should have focused on myself instead of encouraging everyone. And I stopped. And I indeed saved my energy.

I realised that after a while you cannot encourage everyone. Because not everyone is motivated. And not everyone is determined as well. You have instead to use that inner power to achieve your goals and be able to be productive. And use the group as a way to practice.

Does that mean you have to stop being enthusiastic, helpful and friendly? The answer is no. You can be all of that and be a role model for the others without trying to directly embolden people who might just waste your energy and time.

I decided to make my plan to study alone using my own techniques that always work thankfully. And then practice with the group and I also cut down my meetings to only two till I have more linguistic skill to use.

Please share in the comments your opinion. Have you tried working with a group? Was it good or bad? How did that help you?


  1. I have to agree here that it’s important to know where to put our energy. Sometimes the group atmosphere might hold us from learning and progressing especially for beginners and intermediates. But once you’re above those two level immersion is good for you because you have a lot to say and less to learn. Thanks my dear Jojo.

  2. Hi Jojo, actually, I’ve never studied in a group. I think that it’s something that depend on one’s personality but I believe that with this method I wouldn’t improve as much as I do studying on my own. I believe that we should take time to study by ourselves and enhance your skills besides from going out and practice with the others, otherwise we remain always stuck in the same point. Summarizing, I deem that study groups can be useful but only if integrated with other methods.

    1. Thanks Marco for sharing your opinion. I do agree that we have to give it a time but it shouldn’t be our focused plan. I think it probably deserves a 10% of our total plan.

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