Advanced ways to say that you’re “Happy” 😃👏🏻

It is great to know many words, but it is greater to know how to use more advanced words to describe the same word. So here is a list of five advanced ways to say that you’re happy.

Happy as a clam

very happy

Look at your sister out there! She’s happy as a clam now that she’s back in the starting lineup again.



very pleased or happy

He’s really chuffed about passing the exam.



feeling extremely happy and excited

The kids were ecstatic when we brought home the new video game system.


Over the moon

very happy

She’s over the moon about her new job.


Tickled pink

very pleased with someone or something, perhaps to the point of giddiness

My family loves my fiance as much as I do, so they were just tickled pink to hear that we’re getting married.


I hope your life is always full of happiness and I hope that you’re always over the moon and as happy as clams 😃

To review and study the words there are flashcards, use them to move them to your long-term memory. (here)

4 thoughts on “Advanced ways to say that you’re “Happy” 😃👏🏻

  1. Agnieszka says:

    Thank you Jojo! It’s useful! I like peeking to your blog just to see sth new every time. It’s an awesome way to learn sth from another learner.

    1. JOJO BEN says:

      Oh hey girl it’s so lovely of you to leave a comment here thanks. Glad you do enjoy reading the posts here and I can’t wait to see you posting! 😘💖

  2. Marco says:

    Thanks Jojo as happy as a clam for having read this handy article ! I use the terms ‘stoked’ and ‘elated’ as alternative to happy, I hope that you can find them useful 🙂

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