An AWESOME App to learn from movies and TV shows!

I finally found an app that helps English learners to learn more from real spoken English in movies and TV shows. And it’s incredibly awesome. 🌟

And this AWESOME App offers many great features:

1. It lets you choose your native language:

Since it is not easy to find definitions of some slang words and idioms. This app is nicely done to help you choose your native language when you sign up. And then during your learning process on the app, it translates immediately for you.

2. It offers different levels and sets:

It has seven categorised sets divided into smaller lessons to help you find your right level. And they are A1 level, A2 level, grammar, travelling, B level, C level, and Romance and relationships. And each set has different lessons.

In A1 level, it’s so basic and it teaches you essential vocabulary.

And of course, it gets harder as you progress. Here is the interesting part, it teaches you using scenes from movies and TV shows as shown in the following short video.

But you don’t really have to start from scratch that’s the best part about it. You can start wherever you like.

3. It provides you with graded Audiobooks:

It has a good number of audiobooks graded for you. So you can choose to listen to whatever you like depending on your level.

4. It lets you choose your daily goal:

5. It offers a “words” section to review your learnt words:

Here is a video to show you one of the lessons:

AppStore (EWA) App: Here

Costs: Free to download but then you have to pay for more features.

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