(Flashcards) Phrasal Verbs with “Pluck” p.2

This is part two of the Phrasal Verbs series. And for today our verb is pluck.

1. Pluck at something:


to pull something quickly several times with your fingers, especially because you are nervous or to attract attention.


  1. Kitty’s hands plucked at her black cotton skirt. (Longman)
  1. The little boy plucked at her sleeve. (Longman)

From sentencedict.com:

  1. The kid plucked at my clothes and wouldn’t go away.
  1. The boy plucked at Adam’s sleeve.
  1. He plucked at her sleeve to try and get her attention.
  1. I felt a small hand plucking at my jacket.
  1. The child kept plucking at his mother’s sleeve.

2. Pluck something out of the air:


to say or suggest a number, name etc that you have just thought of, without thinking about it carefully.


I’m plucking a figure out of the air here, but let’s say it’ll cost about $15,000. (Longman)

3. Pluck up the courage:


to force yourself to be brave and do something you are afraid of doing.


He finally plucked up enough courage to ask her out. (Longman)

From sentencedict.com:

  1. He can’t pluck up the courage to leave home.
  1. I shall have to pluck up courage and speak to her about it.
  1. It took me about two hours to pluck up courage to call.
  1. It took me ages to summon/pluck up the courage to ask for a promotion.
  1. But why not pluck up the courage to do what you’ve always wanted?

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