1. Get a small notebook.
  2. Write down sentences that are related to your personal life so you won’t forget how to use the tense. (ex: I visited my grandfather last week.) which is related to *my* real life.
  3. Take the quiz to test your comprehension.

Terms used:

VerbEd= Verb + ed
IV = Irregular verb
Ex = Example

How to form it?

1. For Statements:
(She/he/it/I/you/we/they) + (VerbED or IV)
Ex1: Sara walked her dogs yesterday.
Ex2: The children got back from school an hour ago.

2. For Negative Statements:
(She/he/it/I/you/we/they)+ (didn’t) + (Verb)
Ex1: Sara didn’t walk her dogs yesterday.
Ex2: The children didn’t play in the playground.

3. For (Yes or No) Questions:
(Did) + (She/he/it/I/you/we/they)+ (Verb)
Ex1: Did Sara study Spanish?
Ex2: Did you play tennis?

4. To answer (Yes or No) Questions:
Yes,  (She/he/it/I/you/we/they) did.
No, (She/he/it/I/you/we/they) didn’t.
Ex1: Did Sara study Spanish?
         No, she didn’t.
Ex2: Did you play tennis?
         Yes, I did.

💖  Important point:

Keys for this tense: yesterday – ago – last

  1. I watched a movie yesterday.
  2. I watched a movie two hours/days/weeks/months/years ago.
  3. I watched a movie last night/week/month/year.

When to use it?

  • To talk about a finished action in the past.


with regular verbs:

  1. I played football yesterday.
  2. Yacob visited London last month.
  3. Sara called me last night.
  4. The dog passed away last year.

with irregular verbs:

  1. I slept early last night.
  2. I won a prize for my project in 2016.
  3.  I sold my old car to my cousin.
  4. My mother came from her trip last week.


A quiz to test your comprehension 😀  (Here)

A list of irregular verbs (Here)

An online copy. (Here)

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