1. Get a small notebook.
  2. Write down sentences that are related to your personal life so you won’t forget how to use the tense. (ex: I study financial mathematics.) which is related to *my* real life.
  3. Take the quiz to test your comprehension.

Terms used:

VerbS = Verb + s
Ex = Example

How to form it?

1. For Statements:
(She/he/it) + (VerbS)
(I/you/we/they) + (Verb)
Ex1: Sara walks her dogs everyday.
Ex2: The children play in the playground.

2. For Negative Statements:
(She/he/it) + (doesn’t) + (Verb)
(I/you/we/they) + (don’t) +(Verb)
Ex1: Sara doesn’t walk her dogs everyday.
Ex2: The children don’t play in the playground.

3. For (Yes or No) Questions:
(Does) + (She/he/it) + (Verb)
(Do) + (I/you/we/they) + (Verb)
Ex1: Does Sara study Spanish?
Ex2: Do you play tennis?

4. To answer (Yes or No) Questions:
Yes, (she/he/it) does.
Yes, (I/you/they/we) do.
No, (she/he/it) doesn’t.
No, (I/you/they/we) don’t.
Ex1: Does Sara study Spanish?
No, she doesn’t.
Ex2: Do you play tennis?
Yes, I do.

When to use it?

  1. For habits.
  2. For repeated actions or events.
  3. For general truths.
  4. For instructions or directions.
  5. For fixed arrangements.
  6. With future constructions.


For habits:

  1. Sara drinks tea at breakfast.
  2. The teachers at our school use the white board.
  3. I work at a bank.

For repeated actions or events:

  1. The children play football every week.
  2. Sara goes to the gym three times a week.
  3. We visits our grandparents every month.

For general truths:

  1. Water boils at 100 degrees.
  2. The moon orbits the Earth once every 27 days
  3. Polyglots speak more than four languages.

For instructions or directions:

  1. Go straight ahead, then turn right.
  2. Please, sit here and wait for your turn.

For fixed arrangements:

  1. Yacob arrives next week.
  2. My holiday starts on the 14th of June.

With future constructions:

  1. Yacob will travel to Turkey after he takes the exam.
  2. After he takes the medicine, he will feel better.


1. A quiz to test your comprehension 😀 (Here)
2. An online copy. (Here)

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