I actually have been blogging for a year now. And wrote a few good articles and shared my ideas with you. And I thought to myself, “hey why don’t you share your story with your subscribers?” And it sounded appealing really. And here is it.

You have to register for this and it’s totally FREE. But you only have to sign up to be notified when it’s uploaded.

What are you going to be learning?
It’s a video session broken down into mini videos where I talk about:

  1. How to learn faster and how to make anything work for you.
  2. Why you should stop buying online courses?
  3. How did I passed IELTS without much effort?
  4. And some useful tips that helped to improve quickly. (You’ll learn basic but effective techniques)
  5. A gift for the first subscriber. (It’s an amazing one so try to be the first one)

-The webinar is on June 25th and you can invite your friends.
-If you have questions please don’t hesitate to email me.

Keep practising, keep improving,
Jill Benyamin


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